Level 1

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Every time you come to the mat, be a beginner with fresh eyes and an open mind. The experience of yoga is one of expanding awareness and exploring the relationship of mind, body, and spirit. Transform your life and you transform the world around you.

This is a great class for those newer to yoga, as well as experienced students looking to refine or go deeper into the roots of his or her asana practice.

Level 1 classes create a solid foundation for new and experienced yogis alike. Poses are less difficult, although it is still possible to get a good workout by engaging in the ample alignment direction provided by the instructor. Students are guided specifically in entering, holding, and exiting postures with detailed directions. Classes will move carefully and mindfully into poses, creating less heat than a Vinyasa flow.

Level 1 classes focuses on various poses that lay the foundation for an uplifting yoga practice. Whether brand new to yoga or a more experienced practitioner, you will benefit from this steady movement through the basic postures including a mixture of standing poses, forward bends, hip openers, twists, inversions, backbends and restoratives. Each pose slowly builds strength and awareness that will support the development and refinement of your practice. The focus of the class is not on the outer form of each pose but on cultivating a deeper awareness of the body and the movement of energy within allowing you to become calm and centered and celebrate the goodness within each of us.

Level 1 classes emphasize Universal Principles of Alignment, ensuring a safe, pain-free practice. Classes can be challenging and may include standing, seated, supine and inverted poses, keeping the participants level of skill in mind. Alternates may be presented to make poses easier or more difficult.