Class Descriptions

CrossFit 601 Yoga Mobility

Held at CrossFit 601's downtown location (601 South), this is a yoga class designed specifically for the needs of crossfitters and other athletes who want to increase their mobility (and do better handstand push-ups). Soon you'll be able to do a handstand like the one in the photo attached here!

$5 for Crossfit 601 members
$10 drop-in fee for non-members

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a class suitable for anyone who is very stiff or recovering from injury, and those who experience difficulty getting down to or up from the floor. Poses are also terrific for the cubicle and office-bound! You'll learn poses you can do anywhere.

Classes will use chairs for seated postures and as sturdy props for standing and balancing poses. The class will focus on breathing, stretching and strengthening in a stress-free, non-competitive, and supportive environment.

Guerilla Yoga

When weather permits, an outdoor class will be offered in a surprise location with one of our highly skilled teachers. It is open to everyone so we can all enjoy this ageless practice in connection with the outdoors and the rhythms of nature. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out each week's surprise location!

Level 1

Every time you come to the mat, be a beginner with fresh eyes and an open mind. The experience of yoga is one of expanding awareness and exploring the relationship of mind, body, and spirit. Transform your life and you transform the world around you.

This is a great class for those newer to yoga, as well as experienced students looking to refine or go deeper into the roots of his or her asana practice.

Level 1 Yoga at River Hills Club

A great way to start your day! $8 for members, $10 non-members.

Level 2

Deepen your practice as we explore more challenging postures. Students entering this class should be comfortable making skillful attempts of headstand, shoulderstand and pushing up into a backbend unassisted.

Levels 1&2

Does this class fit your schedule? It may also fit your level! This class accommodates the basic level student as well as the continuing student. Multiple variations are given by the instructor to meet the needs the student. Not recommended for first time yogis.

Levels 2&3

A challenging class, it is open to all students who have a working knowledge of Surya Namaskar, and all Level 1 & 2 standing postures. Students entering this class should be comfortable with handstand, headstand, & shoulderstand and can push up into a backbend with straight arms. Pranayama, meditation , & a regular personal practice outside of class become increasingly important.


An introduction to mindfulness meditation and its practice. There is no fee for this class!

Mixed Level Vinyasa

Mixed Level Vinyasa is an all inclusive flowing class that is appropriate for all levels. Basic knowledge of Level 1 poses will be helpful, but not required for this class. Apex poses may be more challenging than those presented in Level 1 classes, but appropriate modifications are always available to make every pose accessible to all yogis. Expect instruction to be more subtle than in a Level 1 class. Poses will be connected smoothly to create an energetic class experience.

Power Flow

Power Flow is a class where breath is synchronized with movement. You will build strength, flexibility, and concentration. It heats the body and calms the mind. You can expect a safe practice grounded in alignment, yet flowing with the breath. This practice is both cardiovascular and strength building while it increases flexibility.

This class is appropriate for active beginners through to advanced students. Come invigorate your practice!

Pre-Natal Yoga

We are not currently offering a pre-natal yoga series. Please check back.

This class is suitable for pregnant women. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Gentle stretching, back & pelvic floor strengthening, & hip-opening postures are practiced to provide a nurturing environment for a growing baby. Relaxation and visualization techniques are practiced to aid labor and delivery.

6-week Series begins Thursday, January 14th

Meets Thursdays, January 14-February 18, 2010
10:30-11:30 am
$60 for the Series
$15 Drop-In Fee

Restorative Yoga

It's a mini-vacation for your body, mind, & heart!

Restorative Yoga deepens your practice by allowing your body to open deeply with the aid of props and attention to breath. It also turns on your relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and has beneficial effects on your blood pressure and heart rate. It also helps to balance your endocrine system and boosts your immune system.

Stress Melt

Suitable for all ages, abilities, and sizes, this class is designed to increase your quality of life through proven methods of stress relief that include breathing exercises, gentle stretches, deep relaxation, a focus on mindfulness, and guided meditation. Participants may choose to use a chair if it is more comfortable.


Join Terry Sullivan as he leads a class through 45 minutes of intense cardio training. Tabatas, or high intensity intervals, have been shown to not only increase cardio strength but to also increase daily calorie burn while at rest. The cost is $60 for 6 sessions and we promise that you will leave the studio soaked in your own sweat! This is not for the faint of heart but anyone can try it. Terry is able to modify the moves so that everyone can participate in each set.

The Practice

An invigorating mid-day teacher led practice followed by an optional 15 minute meditation. Come enjoy the space and community we create together while taking your practice to the next the level. Suitable for yogis who are interested in cultivating a self-sustained practice.

Vinyasa 2

This is a faster-paced class linking breath with movement, usually with a specific focus on a class of postures on any given night. It is open to all students who have a working knowledge of the 5 Universal Principles of Alignment, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), and all the Level 1 standing postures. Students entering this class should be able to do or have a skillful and fearless attempt of both unassisted backbend and handstand at the wall. A regular personal practice outside of class is recommended.

Workday Yoga

This class focuses on reducing workday stress, and features easy, supportive poses that you can use anytime, whether you need relief of the aches and pains that come with sitting hunched over a computer or in lengthy meetings, on long drives or other workday stressors. The practice seeks to accommodate everyone, and will be adjusted based on the specific needs of students. Those with special needs or physical limitations should arrive early. It's the perfect way to ease into your week!

Yoga Basics

A great way to put your best foot forward! Great for beginners and experienced students with a desire for detail. You can expect a dynamic warm-up with a super specific break down of a different level 1 pose each week. Learn how to connect more deeply to each pose through alignment-based instruction filled with grace and power!

Yoga for EVERY Body

We are not currently offering this class, but our Yoga Over 50 class Saturdays at 10:30 am is a similar offering.

Any body can find grace, strength and beauty in yoga, regardless of size or physical limitations. Yoga for EVERY Body is a slow-paced class geared toward the plus-sized or props-intensive practitioner, with modifications for bodies of varying strength and flexibility.

Yoga for Men

We are not currently offering this series. Please check out one of our other class offerings.

Thought about doing yoga but can’t quite drag yourself into a class of mostly women who could probably kick your butt? Have holiday slumps, football season couch-surfing, and thinning hair made you realize you’re not getting any younger? Do you want to get stronger, leaner, more flexible, AND improve your sex life?

~Come join us for Bro-yoga, no spandex required.~

Yoga for Runners/Athletes

We all know stretching is good for us, especially us athletes, but it's hard to fit it into our already busy training regimen. This is an hour class to introduce you to yoga and its many benefits which include muscular endurance, overuse injury prevention and decreased recovery time, not to mention it will help flush lactic acid so that you are less sore after your long runs or intense workout sessions.

Yoga Foundations: Feb 7-28, 2014

A class for new beginners and anyone interested in creating a solid foundation for their yoga practice. This class will cover basic yoga postures, proper alignment principles, and basic pranayama or breathing practices.

This class will make a great Valentine's gift for you and your sweetheart to begin a lifelong yoga practice of wellness together!

4 week session:
February 7, 14, 21, 28, 2014

Space is limited. Please pre-register.
Cost is $60

Yoga from the Core

By strengthening your core/abdominal muscles the grace of your yoga poses will shine. This class will intensify your abdominal region and work to build up your core muscles, increase your flexibility and endurance. Coupled with proper alignment, we will have a challenging exploration of yoga poses. While this class is ideal for advanced yogis, newer students to yoga can find strength and beauty through the poses we practice.

Yoga Over 50 *

You're only as old as your spine (and knees, hips, shoulders, etc.) is flexible. As we age, it's more important than ever to maintain our strength, flexibility and balance. With yoga, it's not only possible, but probable that you will not just maintain, but increase those capabilities over time. This level one class concentrates on yoga's inherent benefits for physical and mental well-being for mature and maturing people, but all are welcome. Classes will offer variations for different physical capabilities.

*and for those who just feel like they are.