Kerri Verna @beachyogagirl Workshop

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12/09/2016 6:31am - 12/10/2016 2:33am

Join us at the Arts Center of Mississippi for a weekend workshop with @beachyogagirl, Kerri Verna!

Friday 6-8:30 pm: CORE + Inversions

2.5 hours - In this workshop Kerri will teach you how to strengthen and engage the core in your yoga practice. She will share all her tips and tricks to unlocking the strength of the core for all types of inversions like headstand, forearm balance and handstands. Kerri’s light-hearted approach to advanced asana postures will inspire you to try things you thought you would never do. This workshop is for ALL LEVELS of practitioners.

Saturday 9-11:30 am: Handstands and Back Bends

2.5 hours – In this workshop, Kerri will teach you the fundamentals to learning how to handstand from a beginners perspective and give you the skills to press into a handstand. She will focus on shoulder and hamstring flexibility as well as handstand alignment. Kerri will teach you how to properly engage your core to get rid of the “banana back”. This workshop will also focus on the importance of back flexibility and how the “non-bendy” can defy their limits and take their backbends to the next level.

Saturday 12-2:30 pm: Below the Waist – Unlocking Hips and Hamstrings

Do you struggle with tight hip flexors or tight hamstrings? Do you have knee issues or back pain? Tight hips and hamstrings might be the cause of weakness or tightness in the lower body. In this workshop Kerri Verna will help you discover ways to open up those areas of the body using tips and techniques she has learned from yoga, gymnastics and circus arts. This workshop will help you discover issues in the body that may be causing you to have tightness. It will also give you the tools to not only unlock those areas but also transform your yoga practice. This workshop is for ALL LEVELS of practitioners. Please bring pencil and notebook to this workshop.

***Due to flight times, at present we only have a 30 minute break on Saturday. Please bring a light snack. The Palette Café at the museum next door will also be open.***

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About Kerri Verna, 200RYT, @beachyogagirl from Instagram

Kerri Verna believes that everyone has the power to change his or her life. She has made it her life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. With over 1 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, Kerri leads monthly yoga challenges that inspire thousands of people of all ages, all over the world to practice yoga each month. From handstand photos taken at sunrise on the beach to packed classes and workshop all over the world, Kerri is powerful messenger of the power of the path of yoga. Based in Lake Worth, FL her training includes a background in many forms of fitness including Tai Chi, Yoga, Stand-up Paddle-board Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycle, Kickboxing, and Personal Training as well as over 15 years of teaching experience. As a wife, mother of two young boys, inspirational speaker and photographer her life represents the full integration of everything that she loves.

Registration after November 4 - $145
Any Single Session - $50