About Us

Scotta Brady

Butterfly Yoga is a yoga studio in Jackson, Mississippi. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for those who want to cultivate a more intimate connection between the body, heart and mind. With the confidence gained through this connection and the support of our community at Butterfly Yoga, you will develop the freedom and passion to more fully express your own inner joy and highest aspirations.

By consciously manipulating our bodies and stretching with awareness, we recreate an intimate connection with our physical bodies, which then become vehicles for deeper transformation as we release old patterns and connect with our heart centers. As awareness shifts, a deep sense of balance and well-being carries over into our daily lives and we begin to truly appreciate the ‘little things’ as we enjoy life more. Ultimately, we come to see the radiance of ourselves as we are right now and, like the butterfly, celebrate in becoming the brilliance of our own potential.

Butterfly Yoga, founded in 2002 by Scotta Brady, E-RYT 500, is grounded in the bio-mechanically precise principles of alignment, heart-opening encouragement, and freedom of discovery and self-expression integral to the practice yoga. Each teacher at Butterfly Yoga acknowledges their own spiritual path, sharing personal experiences and encouragement with their students who also are on journeys of self-discovery.

In June 2004, Butterfly Yoga moved to its current location at 3025 N. State St., in the heart of historic Fondren. Come join our fun-loving yoga community!